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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our homeowners, investors, tenants and others we served have to say about Real Property Management Rental Direction. And for the infrequent dissatisfied customer, we promise to do our best to quickly make it right.

Homeowners and Property Investors

“I am an owner of a condo apartment which I have managed for rental on my own since 2007. My last tenant left my place without notification, not paying rent due, and left the place in a mess. I was devastated and thought about selling. My children prevailed upon me to re-consider. They called various companies and selected Olivia of Real Property Management Rental Direction.

After I was done fixing all the damage and replacing all fixtures, Olivia took over and placed it on the internet. Two prospective tenants came within a week, properly vetted for financial and eviction history and was back in business. Of course, it is only thirty days since I got a renter, but I feel comfortable with Olivia managing my condo apartment because she has explained the safeguards she plans to make sure my current tenant pays the bills in a timely fashion. Olivia will handle all emergency problems and do a periodic inspection of the premises for beyond ordinary wear and tear.

The peace of mind of having Olivia helping me is enormous. Thanks, Olivia!”

– Felix L

“Daniel Boucinha (of Real Property Management Rental Direction) has been the property manager for the last 5 years of our quadruplex and has done an outstanding job. He has closely paid attention to the market rates and ensures that our units are priced appropriately. He has also done a fantastic job overseeing roof replacement and general maintenance work on the units.

Daniel also went above and beyond while overseeing a well maintenance project for us and became qualified to take well samples for our well water system that needs to be checked quarterly, reducing our cost for a third party to conduct this work. We’ve asked him lots of questions about the rental market and he has always given us good feedback and information. He’s been very responsive both for us and for our tenants. We highly recommend RPM Rental Direction as a property manager.”

– Greg and Tiffany N

“Real Property Management Rental Direction was able to quickly locate me qualified tenants for the multiple duplexes that I own. They went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly and efficiently. From the first time, I contacted them to the numerous times since they have been professional and courteous at all times.

Since contracting with Real Property Management, I have seen increased cash flow due to timely payment by the tenants and low maintenance costs. I can count on Real Property Management to send my monthly draw directly to my bank account like clockwork. All of my maintenance issues are taken care of promptly. I would highly recommend Real Property Management Rental Direction to anyone who needs an awesome property manager.”

– Cory M

Homeowner Testimonial for RPM Rental Direction

“I have been a long time property owner in the Naples area and have used Real Property Management Rental Direction for my property management needs. Having used other property management companies in the past, I know that quality of service can vary greatly from one place to the next. I have been very please with their professionalism, attitude, and exceptional service.

RPM Rental Direction checks properties regularly and performs routine preventive maintenance. I never have to worry about things like changing A/C filters or cleaning the gutters. They have a number of service and repair vendors so any issue is addressed promptly. Each month I receive a statement so I get a clear picture of what is happening with my property. If ever I have a question, I know that I can email or call to get my answer. The management team has a very professional attitude and has provided me with exceptional service.”

– Melissa S

“We had a great experience with Real Property Management Rental Direction! They are extremely knowledgeable about property management and were completely able to anticipate our needs and provide excellent customer service. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that needs property management services.”

– Jessica W


Tenant Testimonial for RPM Rental Direction

“Real Property Management Rental Direction’s leasing agents are very nice. They answered all my questions professionally and politely. I had so many questions regarding the property and they were very patient in listening to every word I said, and precisely answered all my inquiries. I was really impressed and I will surely recommend their services to all my friends!”

– Paula W.
Naples, FL

“Real Property Management Rental Direction did an excellent job in finding us a house. They worked with the owners to get all of our questions answered in a timely and professional manner. I will recommend them to anyone house hunting in the Fort Myers area.

– Maureen P.
Ft Myers, FL

“We just rented a property managed by Real Property Management Rental Direction and they were all very friendly and made it super easy for us to move in. We went from the application process to signing the lease and moving in all in three days!”

– Todd S.
Lehigh Acres, FL 

Video Testimonials